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Jan James Home & Body, Designerbloom

Jan James home & body by Designerbloom is our site of the month winner for May 2022. This website ticks all the boxes that make for a beautiful website. The use of stunning typefaces that are in theme to the subject of the website, the content being well spaced gives each section adequate breathing space. This also gives the website a sense of elegance and professionalism. Most of all though, the photography is what takes this website from good to great. From the moment the home page is loaded you are greeted with a stunning full screen image showing some of the product range. The hero image is complemented with the full width header that overlays the image which brings another layer of sophistication to the design. Every page on this website has beautiful and consistent photography of the product range which makes the website feel complete and unified. 

The natural tones of the colour palette really emphasise the feel of handmade quality products. The colours used throughout the site are consistent, simple and compliment the colours in the photography. The website is not only beautiful, it's functional too. It's easy to navigate through the website which is helped with a carefully contained amount of content.

Well done Sara-Jane!

Congratulations to the finalists for May 2022


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