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Quirk Design Studio

Quirk Design Studio by Quirk Design Studio is our site of the month winner for October 2022.

A truly stunning design business website that is both creative and functional.  The beautiful photography complements the studio‚Äôs already impressive design portfolio. This site makes use of unique artistic image shapes in the background and foreground of the design, including images cropped in the shape of archways.

There is a consistent pastel colour palette that is unified across all other brand touch points. This site also makes excellent use of space and every page has a sense of balance due to the clever use of graphics and hierarchy of the content. Each stack contains information that has been thoughtfully spread out with a holistic view in mind, resulting in an easy-to-digest experience.

The copy is brilliant, and it is matched with great typeface choices, which builds confidence in potential clients looking through the site. This is a carefully crafted site for customers that really is simple and clear to comprehend, and is easy to navigate.

Overall, this is a fantastic website that displays the studio's services effectively, well done Renee.

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