Partner site of the month & finalists for March 2021

Pioneers NZ, Emerge Design

For the month of March we've carefully selected as our site of the month, by Emerge Design. This site is high-impact at first impression. The high quality inspirational photography placed in full-width stacks, in column backgrounds, and in a feature-area slide show, all contributing, while helping to build trust in the organisation.

The vibrant colours used are warm and welcoming suggesting a positive digital end experience. Navigating your way through the website is clear and simple, even with the use of multiple call-to-actions. The site is equally effective when viewing on mobile and showcases an excellent balance between text, images and creativity.The style of the website is consistent throughout, and even though there is a substantial amount of written content, it's been well divided into digestible pieces, making it desirable to read. 

The use of Flint SEO by the designer is prominent throughout the site making it effective in search results.Congratulations to all the designers who’s websites made the shortlist.

Congratulations to the finalists for March 2021


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