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A beginner's guide to building an effective website

Written by the creators of Rocketspark

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With this interactive step-by-step guide on building a website using Rocketspark's customisable templates.

Beautifully, simple web design

We'll show you how to create a beautiful looking website with engaging content in just a few easy-to-follow steps.

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Using SEO—a simplified guide to making sure your website is seen and heard online!

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Written by the creators of Rocketspark.

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In the eBook

Getting started

  • Beginning with a brief and finding your focus
  • How to choose an effective domain name
  • Business emails domains
  • The importance of a logo

Designing the homepage

  • Why first impressions matter
  • The essentials of an attention-grabbing homepage
  • Writing headings

Getting found

  • An introduction to SEO and adding your domain to Google
  • Starting with the right foundations
  • DIY SEO strategies
  • Monitoring your progress with Google Analytics
  • Google Adwords

Content marketing

  • Maintaining a blog
  • Specific benefits of blogging
  • Writing for humans... and robots

Using add-ons

  • Exploring add-ons
  • Accounting software
  • Point-of-sale software
  • Online booking systems
  • Email marketing
  • Forms
  • CRM systems
  • View more add-ons >

Crafting content

  • Writing your website copy
  • Choosing quality imagery
  • Using video on your website

Structuring your website

  • Choosing names and navigation
  • Optimum page length
  • Crafting and "About us" page

Promoting your site

  • Using social media to promote your website
  • Building an audience
  • Email marketing

Optimising your site for mobile

  • How mobile-friendly sites work
  • Sales impact
  • Search rankings

Managing the technical stuff

  • Domains
  • DNS
  • Nameservers
  • Website hosting
  • Email accounts
  • Content management system CMS

The final stage

  • Questions to ask your website provider
  • Website building checklist
  • Glossary

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