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Bone & Body Blueprint, Your Marketing Assistant

Bone & Body Blueprint by Your Marketing Assistant has been carefully considered and is beautifully simple. It's not until you analyse the design that the deep thinking is revealed. 

The background step-gradients via the lighter blue to a light background, and then back again at the end of the page to get the impact of the dark background without overdoing it. This gives the viewer a calming, yet engaging scroll experience. The bold headings feel welcoming when matched with the healthy sized paragraph text. 

A consistent thematic element to the design is the circle with dots to symbolise scanning, which comes from the logo and has been used to add detail to stack backgrounds, and as a circular frame for images. The way the subjects are perfectly clear cut and break out of this frame creates a more professional feel than regular rectangular images. 

The welcoming scroll experience is further enhanced by the subtly curved transition to the call-to-action Book an Appointment stack, which draws your eye in more effectively than a straight edge (while this curve is another hat-tip to the circular theme of the brand). To wrap things up, the design is just as polished on mobile as it is on desktop.

Congratulations to the finalists for February 2021


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