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Websites for beginners

So how does this 'website' business work?  If you've never had a website before, we can explain the basics.

Why do I need a website?

Research shows that 92% of customers trust word-of-mouth above all else but almost 90% of consumers will check a business’s website before calling or emailing. But if you don’t have a website? They might not call at all.

The five parts of a website

Domain name

Your address on the internet where people find you ( is ours).

Web hosting

This is where your website is stored on the internet so it shows up at your domain.

The platform

This is the software (eg. Rocketspark) you use to design, build and edit your website.

The design

The look and feel of your site including colours, fonts and styling or layout.

The content

The words and pictures that you add to your website. 

Your website

With Rocketspark, your web hosting, website platform, design tools, help & support are included in a monthly subscription that's less than most small business mobile phone plans.  Plus if you'd like us to, we can also take care of your domain name and email addresses.

Domains and emails sorted

You can buy a domain or email accounts right inside Rocketspark or connect your existing domain and emails with your Rocketspark website in just a few clicks. 

Two ways to get a Rocketspark website

Do-it-yourself website builder

Design it yourself using Rocketspark’s easy-to-use website builder - just drag and drop.

  • Customisable templates with preset content.
  • Enjoy 5-star support throughout and beyond. 
  • From NZ$39/month.

Get started for free now

Get a website designed for you

Work with a local Rocketspark Design Partner and get your website designed by an expert.

  • Have the entire process taken care of for you.
  • Ongoing professional advice and expertise. 
  • Initial setup fee.

 Find a designer

Download our beginner's guide

At Rocketspark we've been helping people build websites for over 10 years. Download our step-by-step guide and make sure you have the basics covered. 

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Frequently asked questions

How do I get started?

If you're thinking about using Rocketspark the best thing to do is to start a 30-day free trial. You'll have access to all Rocketspark's features and can try it out for yourself. 

You can set your site live at any time by upgrading your trial to a paid plan. 

How much does it cost?

Rocketspark's pricing is simple. Our plans include all the essential items for creating and maintaining a website. Check out our pricing page for more details.

Can I edit my site after it goes live?

You sure can! Once your site is live you can log in at any time and access all Rocketspark's editing controls. In fact, we encourage people to keep their site updated with new photos, blog posts and more. 

Can someone build my website for me?

Yes. At Rocketspark we have a network of Design Partners who are experts are building websites on the Rocketspark platform. Working with a Design Partner is a great option if you're short on time or really want to impress. Learn more.

How does hosting work?

Rocketspark has high quality website hosting in NZ, Australia and the UK. We host all client's websites so we can launch updates and new features to you. 

Do I need coding skills?

The beauty of Rocketspark is that it's all drag and drop meaning there's no coding required. Our easy editing controls make it super quick to update content, change the design and sell products online.  

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