Partner site of the month & finalists for Nov 2020

Shearer Wellness Group, LW Creative

Consultancy websites can be tough to design, as they don't typically have ultra visual raw ingredients to work with like say an architect or a restaurant — but with Shearer Wellness Group, Liz from LW Creative has carefully crafted a high-end design from top to bottom that isn't lacking in personality. 

The restrained blue and red palette creates a balance that draws you into the design, softening the red. Liz uses a mix of dark navy monotone images with overlaid red/blue accents and full-colour photography that features red feature wall accents for a cohesive look and feel — with just enough variation. One of those images has the parallax effect applied in a way that adds to the design rather than creating a distraction (as can sometimes happen with parallax). 

The top of the design starts with an arrowing effect that draws you into the introductory text and is a continuing theme through the design — which combined with the illustrated testimonial profile pics add a really bespoke feel to the design (along with the two-toned watermarked icon grid).  
Putting the photo of Chris the owner right up front in a home-page teaser stack for the about us page adds a personal touch to the design. The spacing of this home page is virtually perfect and as a visitor, the design is so comfortable it borders on luxurious.

Congratulations to the finalists for November 2020


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2020 site of the month winners & finalists

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