Partner site of the month & finalists for Aug 2020

Impact Tiling, by Frank Communication & Minted Design

The August site of the Month winner is the combined efforts of the team at Frank Communication and Minted Design with their Impact Tiling site. Kim at Frank Communication and Sara from Minted Design have formed a loose partnership over the year, and it’s great to see their collective talents combine into some great sites.

We loved the imagery used, everything is clearly framed and focuses nicely on the product, either as a stand alone, or within the context of its surroundings. The use of buttons scattered throughout gives the user ample opportunity to engage with either an enquiry or to find more information.

We’re always happy to see the depth of Rocketspark design features used, and the Impact Tiling site is a great example of this. The use of full width stacks, column backgrounds, combined with the parallax backgrounds give an impression of site cohesiveness, yet still maintaining easy to identify and read discrete blocks of copy. Even more impressively, the mobile experience has been carefully crafted to make the most of these features.

What really pushed this site over the edge for us, was the extensive use of Flint on the site. Every page had the full green lightning bolt, which nearly all of the other entrants didn’t have.

Congratulations to the finalists for August 2020


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2020 site of the month winners & finalists

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