Partner site of the month & finalists for April 2023

Eden Group, Creative Box

We’re excited to announce that Eden Group by Creative Box is our site of the month for April 2023. This website exudes professionalism from the moment it’s loaded with crisp and captivating renders of the property developments, a lightweight sans serif typeface, generously spaced content and a unique use of geometric patterns that are used to stitch sections of content together.

The design of this website executes all the basics of great web design well including consistent use of typefaces, limited line lengths for body copy, button consistency and layout consistencies. Each section of content only has the most important information, which makes digesting each text section a breeze.

Each page is consistent in style fitting under the same creative umbrella, yet each page still looks unique and has its own visual flair which makes the entire website engaging. The earthy colour palette combination of sand, gold, charcoal and green adds to the sophistication of the website, whilst still allowing the images to pop from their backgrounds.

Even though this website has a lot of depth to it, in terms of the amount of pages and content it has, it is very easy to navigate thanks to its clear headings and hierarchy. The easy navigation is also supported by the sticky header, so you are never in doubt where you are on the site.

Congratulations to Kelly on this beautiful website.

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