Giving, a beautiful thing for local Rocketspark Design Partner

When things get quiet around the Varntige office in Te Awamutu, the virtual assistant team doesn’t just sit around, they find someone to help.

In April this year Rocketspark gifted each of its Design Partners, Varntige included, a lifetime Rocketspark website subscription to give away for free to a deserving not-for-profit organisation. Learn more about the Rocketspark Gift-it-forward initiative here.

Varntige found a very well deserving candidate and went the extra mile making all of their design and creation work free too.

The lucky recipient was Keep Hamilton Beautiful. Keep Hamilton Beautiful was developed by Anna Petchell, who after travelling the world for 10 years, organising beach and marina clean ups along the way, was shocked to find New Zealand had a litter problem when she returned home to Waikato. 

She started trying to make a difference by organising litter pick ups in Hamilton and soon gained interest and momentum. So she partnered with Keep New Zealand Beautiful and became part of a global trend to help clean up the world.

Founder and Owner of Varntige, Chantelle Good, first met Anna this year at two different networking events and found out she needed help to get a website up and running.

“I’d been watching the Keep Hamilton Beautiful journey and even just from meeting her twice I knew she was a ‘get it done’ person. We were a bit quieter at work and so I thought, ‘we can do that’, put our hand up and now here we are. I also thought Keep Hamilton Beautiful was pretty cool. We can all do with reminders to be tidier Kiwis,” Chantelle said.

Chantelle said Anna was stoked with the outcome as it meant Keep Hamilton Beautiful could now sell merchandise to help fund the initiative and get the word out a lot easier about what they were up to.

“She posted a video and was really happy working with our designer, Leah White, and getting the assistance to get it live.”

Chantelle said they decided to not only give Keep Hamilton Beautiful the free site gifted by Rocketspark, but to also give their time and design work for free. 

“Why not? It’s a good cause and we had some spare time on our hands, so we may as well give it away! We will continue to help them freely,” Chantelle said.

Anna said the website meant the world to her, she said it was a way to make Keep Hamilton Beautiful accessible to a much wider and larger audience than we would have if only using social media platforms.

“The girls at Varntige have done such an amazing job, and I will be forever truly grateful to their amazing work, and helping to promote such a good cause.

“Without Varntige there's no way I could’ve done this, or achieved this, and it’s already been widely recognised.

“Their efficiency to create such an amazing product - especially one that’s for a non-profit is incredible, and I truly am amazed, and will be using them for my own works here on out. Chantelle and Leah have made the process so simple and easy, I wouldn't recommend anyone else above them. And we truly appreciate Rocketspark for allowing all this to happen,” Anna said.

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