A free not-for-profit website for Rocketspark Design Partner's to gift forward

Rocketspark announced at Launch 2021 that it would be giving every design partner a free not-for-profit website to give to an organisation of their choice, the initiative is called Gift-it-forward

Now we are keen to see if you'd like to gift it forward with your time, too? If so, we can help match you with the perfect Not-For-Profit!

Want to give your time, too?

Are you keen to join Rocketspark in gifting it forward? We'd be so happy to set you up with a not-for-profit you can help through our offer, and your own by completing all your design work for free as well!

Fill out the form below and we will be in touch.

Fill in the form if you're keen!

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We are looking for your perfect match!

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