Gift a lifetime subscription to a non-profit

Give a LIFETIME Rocketspark subscription to a deserving non-profit of your choice.

We support hundreds of not-for-profits and we’d love to massively ramp up this contribution with the help of our Design Partner community. 

The subscription includes 24/7 access to easily edit their website, ongoing website support (phone and email) and a team of techies that have their back, and more. Forever. For free. No strings attached and no pricing plans are excluded. Total game-changer.

Our website builder is purpose-built for ‘no code’ designers — Graphic Designers, Marketers and VAs just like you.

How it works

1. Create site within your Design Studio

Create the site from your Design Studio. (If the non-profit will be DIY’ing their website, here’s how to share the website's login details with them).

2. Build the website

Your design time does not have to be discounted or free — but it's a bonus if it is! If needed, you may gift the subscription for them to DIY the website (provided you offer a reasonable amount of coaching to use the tools and create a well-designed site).

3. Add client details

Complete client’s contact details in the My Account area of the website’s dashboard.

4. Get in touch with us

When the website is ready, get in touch with us. Assuming you meet the terms and conditions (please see bottom of page) we’ll set it live with the requested Rocketspark subscription plan at no cost for the life of the client.

Any questions? We're all ears

Sales advice, design advice, we're here to support you. 

If you need a reminder of any of the tech-y stuff, we've got ya covered!

How other partners have used this offer:

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Designer: Natalie White
Recipient: 155 Whare Āwhina

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Designer: Leah White
Recipient: Keep Hamilton Beautiful

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Fill out the form below if you need help finding a not for profit or already are working with one and would like to take up this offer

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Awesome stuff! We'll be in touch with any interested non-profits that suit what you're after. Please do let us know if you end up finding your own in the meantime.

Terms and conditions of the offer

  • The organisation must be a not-for-profit that functions to make the world a better place (it does not need to be registered).
  • The website must not already be on Rocketspark, nor should it be used as a tool to lure a new client away from an existing happy client relationship with other small design agencies.  We want this gift to be used for an organisation you can really make a difference to.
  • You do not have to design the website. The not-for-profit can design it themselves. But there are two conditions. 1. You need to at least have provided some coaching to guide them through how to get a beautiful website. 2. Their website must be created from within your Design Studio account. 
  • The offer is for each partner business already registered as a Rocketspark Partner by Tuesday 20th April 2021.
  • If you design the website, you do not have to gift or discount your design time. However, if you can afford it, what a bonus!
  • If the offer is found to have been abused, the offer will end.
  • Domain names and email accounts are not included in the free subscriptions. Domain names can be registered or transferred to Rocketspark at the standard pricing for domain names (see