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Email marketing is a really powerful way of telling the story of your business to your customers. Businesses like Zeenya Clothing have seen their business grow by finding ways to connect with their customers in ways that they appreciate. So we wanted to make it that little bit easier by integrating with MailChimp email marketing software.

Rocketspark Forms - taken up a notch

In the past, we’ve heard business owners say that “marketing is the bane of their life” — Rocketspark is on a mission to change that. Now in just a few clicks you can add an email subscribe form to your website that links directly with your MailChimp account.

Design your forms your way

Along with this update, we’ve added new form styling controls giving you the ability to customise the form design - whether that be the field colour, border colour, or button alignment. You can say goodbye to your old default MailChimp form look, it’s time to design beautiful looking forms!

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Why MailChimp?

MailChimp is a really simple email marketing tool that allows you to speak to your customers directly, just like you would if they were in the same room as you. The best part is, MailChimp allows you to connect with customers, by easily creating beautiful email newsletter designs without being a designer - kind of like Rocketspark but for emails! In fact, with a free MailChimp account, you can have up to 2000 subscribers in your mailing lists! It is built for growing business.

How can I use it on my website?

You can connect any form with MailChimp so that all of the fields in the form send through to your MailChimp database. This allows you to send emails to everyone or send targeted messages to specific segments of your database based on their answers to questions in the form. For example, if you have customers that span the length of the country. You are now able to send an email to customers based on where they live, as displayed on their form. That way the information you are sending to your customers is tailored and much more effective.

Whether you are collecting details for your monthly newsletter, or your unique - out of this world product that everyone loves, this will make your life just that little bit easier.

Graphic showing that that Mailchimp integration can connect to forms on your website

Better than blacklisting — Best practice bulk emails

If you’re sending email newsletters without using a dedicated email marketing solution, there’s a good chance there’s no unsubscribe link on your emails. In most countries this is illegal and breaches spam laws. If too many of your bulk emails get marked as spam your email address could end up getting blacklisted, which means your recipient's email programmes would automatically mark your emails as spam and they’d never seen them. Using a top quality email marketing platform like MailChimp handles unsubscribes for you reducing the likelihood of being blacklisted.

Messaging customers in your sleep | with MailChimp Automation

MailChimp’s automation feature allows you to create automated emails that send when triggered by a subscriber's activity like a welcome message when they first sign up to a mailing list or a certain date like a birthday. With our new integrated forms, whenever someone signs up on to your form on your Rocketspark website they can get an email - even when you’re sleeping!

Endless possibilities

Getting your customers information just became so much easier with Rocketspark forms now being integrated with MailChimp. The possibilities are now endless, and the power is back in your hands!

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