7 ways to revitalise your website for 2020

Refresh or redesign?

Think about a website refresh as being similar to restyling your home. You declutter, add some new items and remove some as you evaluate and update the overall design of the space. Once complete, your house now exudes a fresh new energy that might function better and will likely see you through the next few months or years.

When it's time for a redesign. Sometimes though, if your house hasn’t had any work done to it in a while, or maybe your circumstances have changed, your family has grown and therefore the layout and flow is no longer suitable, your house might need a renovation. Similarly, your business might have changed to the point your website is no longer as beneficial in its current state as what it was a year or so ago. In this case, you have two options, you can do-it-yourself or you could hire a professional.

Your customers will more than likely know what a good website and online experience looks and feels like. If your competitors have feature-rich websites with visual appeal to suit, you can be sure that your customers will expect the same from you. 

Jakob's Law of Internet UX states that because users spend a lot of their time on other websites, they prefer your site to work the same way as all the other sites they already know. So give your customers a website experience they’re familiar with, one they’ll still appreciate in 2020.

Take your website through twenty twenty and beyond

1. Check on your keywords because the efficiency of these can change over time as the market and consumer behaviours change. Go to Google My Business, sign up/log in and navigate to the Insights tab, where you can track common terms and search trends for your business. See our SEO (search engine optimisation) help guides for more on how to get found in search results!

2. Update your content. Add some recent insight and news to your website. https://www.rocketspark.com/blog/post/90/You-can-write-your-website-copymastering-the-structurestyle-and-process-of-web-writing/

3. Update your design with Rocketspark’s latest design tools. Grid Gallery, Mobile Feature Area design controls, Stack Specific Styling, to name a few. 

4. Streamline your business and boost your sales when you connect your website with popular business tools. Rocketspark has carefully selected the best third-party platforms to integrate with.

5. Add new imagery—gifs, videos, photos. Using professional photos with people on your website has shown to build trust and improve conversions. Live video is a great way to do this too.

6. Test your site navigation—ask a friend to test your site flow and make sure everything is easy to find. Make sure you do this for both desktop and mobile, since the navigation can vary slightly. 

7. Review your CTA’s (call-to-actions) and update them with what’s proven effective in the market right now. See Hubspot’s blog post on the topic. Check all your links are working. Add short forms to your website to make it easy for customers to get in touch with you.

Get started

So, whether you choose to refresh your website or redesign it, our website builder along with our super friendly Customer Success team makes it easy to get a visually impressive website and keep it updated with fresh content.

Need help from a designer?

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