Staff Profile: Fei Guo

Five years ago when I finished college life in China, I dreamed of travelling around the world, finding a nice place to live and dedicating myself to a career that I truly love. Luckily, my dream gradually took shape after I came to New Zealand. I’m now settling in a chic small town, working in a close-knit team that is full of brainstorming for fast iterative products and with a typical kiwi culture identified by peals of laughter every day.

I am Fei, a native Beijing girl born and grown up in one of the world-class metropolitans and civilised ancient capitals. In my first 25 years, I followed a life track that many of my peers probably envied. I have grown up in a happy family and graduated from one of the top universities with a double-degree in marketing and journalism. After that, I won the opportunity to work in a Fortune 500 company.

Life was easy for me, but I wanted challenges, and I was curious to explore the vast world around. Following the strong voice in my heart, I decided to resign from the stable job, to get rid of the daily routines after three years working in COFCO, and instead, to ‘exile’ myself to the other end of the world. It may be a coincidence that my first name (given by my veteran grandfather) means “flying far distance away” in Chinese, or maybe it is my destiny.

I don’t know exactly why I chose New Zealand, but I gave up the opportunity to go to the US and the UK because I desired something unique compared to my previous life. I can also remember the excitement when my eyes were caught by a series of scenic photos of New Zealand in the National Geographic magazine, as I was obsessed with photography at that time. A few simple images and a freedom-pursuing heart drove me to the land of the long white cloud that is 9,300 kilometres away from my home.

At the beginning of 2015, I accepted the Excellence Scholarship for Asia from the University of Waikato and started furthering my study there. I travelled around the country and tried to experience real kiwi life in my spare time. I helped on a beef and dairy farm in Patetonga with weeding, watering, harvest, making jams, and bottling beers. I helped paint a house in west Auckland, learned to be a barista in a renowned Mediterranean restaurant in Takapuna, helped raise funds for NZ Heart Foundation street appeals, and volunteered for Achieve 2B, an educational NGO, helping disabled kiwi students accomplish their dream of exchanging abroad.

I have to confess that New Zealand is changing my way of thinking and my lifestyle in many ways. For instance, I was deeply impressed by the strong emphasis Kiwis put on work-life balance, their love for sports and great passion for protecting the environment. Because there are always surprises out there while travelling in this picturesque country, I have become even more interested in outdoor activities like tramping and jogging. On weekends, I learned baking and creating healthy recipes that are integrated with some Asian elements. Sharing some of my cooking with colleagues and friends is much fun.

Among so many unforgettable experiences, the fortunate encounter with Rocketspark is the most special one for me without a doubt. While I studied and worked as a research assistant in Waikato Management School, I could see that marketing tools can not only serve businesses but can also greatly enhance people’s happiness and their quality of life. At the mean time, I felt very thrilled as to the revolutionary impact digital technology is having on consumer behaviours and marketing. After I graduated from UOW with a first class honours Master's degree in Marketing, my thesis combining these interests was published in the 5th International Conference on Marketing and Business Development in Bucharest. Since then, I determined to change my career path from traditional marketing to a more digitally focused field. That was the time when I came across Rocketspark and the talented team who are holding the exact value that I do.

To grow, and help others grow - I believe that is the reason why I am excited to work at Rocketspark. When you contact Rocketspark for help, you will have a high chance of “meeting” me. I enjoy the sense of fulfilment when helping people out and learning new things myself that I can share with others.

The simple lifestyle in New Zealand enables me to be down to earth and easily find the inner peace of myself, while the fast pace in Rocketspark allows me to wander in the vast universe of digital technology and marketing strategy, which is a magic collision. I love the lines in the Lord of the Rings by Gandalf “The world is not in your books and maps. It is out there.”