Planting ideas together at Rocketspark—just like a community garden

Hey there, Rocketspark family! You might remember our chat about how we decide what new features to build. When you ask for a feature it might feel like it goes into a big black hole never to be seen again, especially if we don’t build the feature you asked for. Well, let's take a stroll down a different path today.

🀲 Your part in our garden

You're not just using Rocketspark; you're the heart and soul of it, the green thumbs planting those all-important idea seeds that tell us how we can make Rocketspark better. Each suggestion, each "wouldn't it be great if..." moment is like popping a hopeful seed into our community soil.

A graphic that reads "Wouldn't it be great if..." and shows notes of potential features to come to Rocketspark

🌼 The customer success team waters the seeds

Our customer success team? They're like your community gardeners. By popping your ideas onto our feature ideas tool Productboard, they make sure no seed is forgotten, no voice goes unheard.

Photo that shows a seedling tray with one plant growing taller than the rest

🍏 Harvest time with the product team

Now, when those ideas start sprouting and getting some love from lots of customers, our Product Team steps in – think of them as the master harvesters. They pick the juiciest, most promising ideas that will yield the most bountiful harvest for the community. They design and build some big features (like a pineapple) and sometimes lots of little features (like a bunch of grapes).

Graphic that shows a pineapple and grape emoji

πŸŽ‰ Sharing the bounty

The best bit about this garden? It's all about sharing. When an idea becomes a real, live feature, we all get to celebrate. Each new thing we add isn't just for the person who thought it up; it's for all of us to enjoy. It's like a big, happy feast of newness and progress!

πŸ”„ The growing season never ends

In our garden, not every seed turns into a plant, and not every plant has fruit. But every idea, every bit of feedback, it all helps the garden grow. It makes things better for next time, and adds a bit of spice to our community.

Graphic that shows the life cycle of a plant starting with an "seed" (Idea) that has "wouldn't it be great if" written on the seed packet

🌟 Looking back at our harvests

If you think back to our last chat about the feature leaderboard, you'll remember we've turned loads of your ideas into real, helpful features. From handy accordions to making teamwork easier with multiple users, each one started as a little seed from you folks.

πŸ’¬ Got an idea? Tell us!

Next time you've got an idea, big or small, give us a shout. Your thought could turn into the next big thing at Rocketspark. We're all about building together, creating a community garden where every idea, every suggestion, really matters. Contact us on our support page to submit a feature request, or if you're a design partner you can access the β€˜Feature Roadmap’ on the left side of your Design Studio.

Graphic that shows an email submitting an idea to Rocketspark's support email

🌟 Big thanks to you for every idea shared, every suggestion made. You're the ones keeping our garden lush and full of life.

Happy idea planting, everyone! πŸŒΊπŸ‘‹πŸš€