Human Digital Supports Mathematics Education Non-Profit

Ben van Rooy, founder and director of Human Digital, enjoys giving back to the community.

Human Digital is an experience design agency that helps organisations grow by attracting, converting, and retaining customers.

In late 2020 Human Digital, a Rocketspark design partner, took on Mathematics for a Lifetime Charitable Trust as a pro-bono client. 

“We’ve worked with Rocketspark for a few years now and we find the simple user interface and great customer support perfect for clients who want to manage their website themselves,” Ben said.

Mathematics for a Lifetime (MFAL) is an award-winning New Zealand educational charity that strives to expand the availability of professional math tutoring to children and youth who need it most, but are least able to afford it.
“I was approached by the founder of the charity, Jean McKenzie, for support and I ended up joining the board and supporting the agency through a new website,” Ben said.

Human Digital was recently a finalist in the Rocketspark Community Good Award for its work with MFAL. 

Ben said it was really great to hear they were finalists. 

“I want to get as much coverage as I can for MFAL and I also want to demonstrate how Human Digital is supporting non-profit partners,” Ben said.

Ben and the Human Digital team worked closely with the MFAL team to improve their digital experience. Their work included securing a new shorter URL to make the website easier to find and remember, updating the website to meet Google Ads requirements, setting up emails for the team, integrating form submissions, updating photography, supporting marketing efforts and adding blog functionality.

“I have a real passion for MFAL, they help young people get access to tutoring where they may not have had it otherwise. There are kids that need extra help, but whose families might not have the money to afford it and MFAL makes it happen for them.

“I believe education can change peoples’ lives. I’ve always had the opportunity to learn, and I’ve had a lot of support and I want every kid to have that,” Ben said.

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