Auto-resize your ecommerce product images storewide

You can now auto-resize all of your product images storewide to be a consistent shape and size with a single click. With uniform product images, you’ll have a professional-looking and beautifully designed online store.

Sleek and sophisticated product display with just one click

A new feature that cleverly auto-resizes each image to fill your preferred shape.

Different shaped product images can look unprofessional, but with Rocketspark’s new Product Shape Editor, you can now auto-resize all of your product images to be the same shape storewide. In your store catalogue this means that all of your product images will line up in a perfectly tidy grid layout, allowing your products to sing without distraction.

Save time on preparing images

We understand that not everyone is a designer. If you were manually cropping pictures in Canva or Photoshop, you won’t need to do this anymore.

Using the new product image editor will save you a huge amount of time, so long as the product is in the centre of your image and the image is of a good resolution, the auto-resize feature will automatically do the cropping for you to achieve a consistent shape and size. See our help guide to learn how to change your product image shape.

Create a consistent look in your store

At Rocketspark we’ve seen time and time again how eye-appealing web design can contribute to increased sales by converting a browser to a purchaser. The best ecommerce websites showcase their store products using images that are neatly, consistently and uniformly laid out in a grid, and they’re all the same shape and size.

As ecommerce continues to boom, Rocketspark continues to create new tools for your online store that’ll help you to boost your business sales.

Our latest feature gives you an appealing store homepage that’ll enhance your customers shopping adventure, whether they’re shopping on desktop or mobile.

Case-study: Improved web design = improved sales

Jeremy Johnson, Rocketspark co-founder and graphic designer recently completed a case study with Nothing Naughty, ecommerce business and long time Rocketspark client, to evaluate what the impact of beautiful web design can have on sales. 

Within 2 months after the design refresh, Naomi Cranston, Marketing Manager at Nothing Naughty reported their ecommerce website metrics showed an increase in overall website revenue, ecommerce conversion rates, transactions, unique purchases and average order value. Seeing these sorts of increases so quickly confirmed just how important website design is in attracting and converting browsers to customers.

Using auto-resize on your store

For online stores created before 13 Oct 2020, your storewide product images will keep their original shape. To auto-resize your product images so they’re uniform, see how to edit the shape of your store-wide product images.

If you’re new to Rocketspark, or you started your free ecommerce website trial after 13 October 2020, any products you upload to your online store will by default auto-resize to be uniform (ie. the same shape), each image filling the portrait frame, in the 8:10 ratio. 

While the default format and ratio suits most images and industries, you do have the option to keep the original shape of your images, or to change the shape of your store products store-wide. See the help guide.

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback on this new ecommerce feature. Please get in touch to let us know how Rocketspark’s new web design tool has helped you.