How to add a COVID-19 stack on your Rocketspark website

It’s a challenging time to be in business and the Rocketspark team wants to help you make the most of your website to serve your clients. A simple way you can help your customers is to provide them with information about any changes to your services due to COVID-19.

You’ll be showing your customers that you are aware of any changes as they come into play, that you want to keep them informed, and you care about them.

So, if you have a Rocketspark website, we're just going to show you how to add a basic COVID-19 Stack to your home page in the video below.

How to add a basic COVID-19 stack to your website's homepage

  1. Login to your Rocketspark Dashboard.
  2. Click on Manage pages from the menu on the left.
  3. Make sure you are in Editor.
  4. We'd recommend adding a stack just underneath your feature area. Click on Add Stack.
  5. Choose a one-column stack layout.
  6. Add a Block and choose a Text Block.
  7. Add a heading, let’s say COVID-19.
  8. Add a short sentence or two, depending on your industry. We'd recommend adding a link in here to your social media or if you have a lot of info, to another page on your website where you’ll be able to add more content.
  9. Now, you want this message to stand out so depending on the design of your homepage, you might want to add a Stack background colour. To do this, just go into your Stack Specific Design Options, by clicking on the colour wheel on the right of your screen.
  10. Click on Stack Background, choose a colour, but make sure your text content is still legible. (if you need to change your text colour so it stands out better on your background colour you can do this by clicking on Headings and Paragraphs in the same menu).
  11. Save changes
  12. Check your new Stack looks good on Mobile by flicking to Mobile Preview. If you need to tweak your text, you can learn how to do that here.

Need more help with your Rocketspark website?

We have a library of help guides available to you here. Still can't find what you're looking for? Please contact our Customer Success Team