Staff Profile Greg Wallace

Rocketspark Staff Profile: Greg Wallace

Look up “people person” in the dictionary and chances are you’ll find a picture of Greg Wallace. He’s one of the most personable people you’ll ever meet. His love for connecting with and helping people out is why he’s perfect for the role of Rocketspark account manager (for New Zealand and Australia).

So how did we find our account dynamo? Greg and the Rocketspark originals go waaaay back; co-founder Jeremy Johnson was even Greg’s best man at his wedding. A few years later when we needed an account manager, we knew Greg would be our “best man” too—the best man for the job. Greg had been a primary school teacher for a few years and felt ready for a change, so the offer came at just the right time. His role involves project management of design-and-build websites, liaising with Rocketspark partners and generally helping businesses get the website they want. And what does Greg love most about his role at Rocketspark? “Delighting clients,” the father-of-three says. “The feedback you get from a client when something’s gone really well and they’re really happy or you’ve solved a problem for them—that’s really rewarding.”

Outside of work, Greg spends a lot of time doing what he’s always done: watching, playing and talking about sport. “My older brother would never play [rugby] with me,” Greg recalls, reflecting on his childhood in Manawaru (Waikato). “I’d literally just chip-and-chase to myself for hours on end.” Nowadays, Greg continues to play social sport but the biggest crowd he played for came as a 14-year-old when he was randomly picked to participate in a short game of cricket as the between-innings entertainment at a one-day cricket match. Realising that the other participants were all less than half his age, he did what any competitive male would do: dominated the game. “I started smacking these 6-year-olds’ deliveries around the park. But then everyone began booing me so I started having to lob these high balls,” Greg recalls, laughing. “Most people would be embarrassed but I wasn’t. I just thought it was cool.”