Launch Online Library 2020

The following videos are the recorded sessions from our online design conference. They are intended to be a resource that you can refer back to when needed, as well as a good introduction to those that are new to Rocketspark.

We hope you find these as valuable as we did.

Rocketspark + Ecommerce

Getting Started with Ecommerce

Learn the basics of setting up a shop, plus ecommerce principles that will help you succeed - a must attend for the those that aren't confident in offering ecommerce to their clients.

Rocketspark Ecommerce for Experts

The next session in our ecommerce series. Take a deep dive into our more complex integrations, perfect for those wanting to know more about recurring subscriptions, Mailchimp and more.

Rocketspark + Design

The Rocketspark Design Vision

See what’s new and upcoming for the feature roadmap. Hear from the head of the Rocketspark design team on the latest trends in web design and our vision for the future of design on Rocketspark.

Designing for Rocketspark Ecommerce

Learn about best practice design for visual merchandising on the Rocketspark platform. Plus a look at user journey and what makes for an effective store-front. Special guest Joe Bradford.

Rocketspark + Success

Planning for Success

This session is all about getting the business basics right, the Rocketspark Way. Get advice on developing your business, from admin processes to quoting and everything in between. We'll also be focusing on strategies for pricing and client management.

Boost your Business

Learn about telling your own story on social channels as well as maximising the storytelling on your own site to generate business leads. These practical and useful tips would also be awesome for your clients too!

Rocketspark + Google

SEO 101

Search engine ranking can be make or break for most business websites. If you’re newer to SEO, our SEO 101 workshop will cover the essentials, and if you're not so new, it'll reinforce your good habits.

Google for Success

Explore the advanced features that Google offers to empower your business and your clients.