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Free SEO tools for designers, from Rocketspark

Flint can help you set-up your client's websites

Flint helps you design websites in a way that Google likes, doing the heavy lifting to get your websites ranking well in search engines and your clients businesses easier to find online.

Designing with SEO in mind

At Rocketspark we've seen both clients and designers struggle with the basics of SEO and that’s why we built Flint—smart AI tools that help you optimise your websites for Google Search results as you design.

Flint suggests keywords for your client's business

Flint's SEO (search engine optimisation) tools will help you find a keyword that's relevant to your client's industry, business and location. This is an important first step in the process to getting their site found in Google.

Flint can even write content for you

Flint suggests Google-friendly paragraphs unique to your client's business that you can simply drag and drop onto their website. Rocketspark's SEO tools also tell you if you need to add more keyword-rich content to help that website get found online.

Flint suggests SEO title and description tags

A title and description tag is the content that shows up in Google search results, giving viewers a quick overview of your client's business. Our SEO tool can suggest a title and description tag for you.

You'll get a birds-eye-view of your SEO progress on each page

Track the progress you and Flint have made across all pages with a visual traffic light tool.

Use Flint as you design

1. Get Started

Use Flint to help with website design and SEO, whether you're new to Rocketspark or you've already mastered our website builder.

2. Follow Flint's advice

Flint steps you through the process and helps you by suggesting keywords and content for headings and paragraphs.

3. Track your progress

See the progress you and Flint have made on key website pages while you design, speeding up your workflow and saving you time.

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