Rocketspark Design Vision

Rocketspark design partners, we are in your corner.  We want to inspire every design partner to keep designing a better website than their last. 


Optimise for the industry

The needs of a builder's website are very different from those of a restaurant. Make sure you adapt the design to the industry, whether that be through the amount of copy, aesthetic or content.


Design for delight

Clever use of photography, shapes, illustration or eye-catching use of type. Add visual flourishes that make each visit a memorable experience.


Embrace Exploration

Be brave, take risks and experiment with new ideas. Don't just re-use the same design as last time. Engage with new Rocketspark design features and use them to take your designs to new places.


Information at a glance

Attention is brief and easily lost. Highlight key content and pull out important details. Avoid dumping large quantities of text on a page.


Create a clear user journey

Provide context for where users are and what they can do next. Clear call to actions, lead capture forms and prominent contact details. Make it effortless.


Start with a clear goal

Why does the business need a website? Is it to drive sales, capture leads or showcase work? By defining the problem you can start forming a solution.


Deliver quality

High-quality images, thoughtful copy, good SEO and considered user experience. No incomplete work should go live.


Don't be afraid to ask

The Rocketspark Partner network is supported by a customer success team and partner manager. Don't be afraid to ask for advice, help is always available.


Understand your audience

Edgy, conservative, young or older. Take time to understand the target audience, what excites them and what they are looking for.


Utilise space

White space can easily be overlooked. Don't be afraid to add extra spacing around elements where appropriate and give elements room to breathe.


Create consistency

Provide a coherent experience for visitors. Apply consistent styling throughout the site and invest time in making sure it aligns with other brand touchpoints.


Make it unique

Don't just use templates. Explore new layouts, add visual accents and adapt the design to the audience. Don't be boring.


Stay up to date

Be inspired by what other's in the industry are doing. Take time to educate yourself and stay up to date on new developments.

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