Exciting update: Upload your own fonts to Rocketspark

Say a big hello to Custom Fonts on Rocketspark, so you can upload your own fonts. Elevate your creative freedom with a wider range of font choices. It's all about letting your brand's true colours shine through your font choices. And it's all set for you to explore.

Freedom to upload any font

Our expanded library goes beyond Adobe. Now, you can bring in any font that speaks to your brand, from indie foundries to Creative Market gems, and even those amazing free Google fonts. The sky's truly the limit.

Curated font dropdowns

Say goodbye to endless scrolling. Now, you can customise your font dropdowns to showcase only your brand's fonts. Keep it neat, focused, and oh-so-branded.

Speedy font finding with filtering

Finding the perfect font is now a breeze with our new font filtering options. Whether you're in search of serif, sans-serif, handwriting styles, bold, light, or something entirely unique – our tools make it easy. You can even use your own text for previews and adjust the size to see exactly how it'll look.

Effortless font replacement

Changed your mind about a font you've been using around your site? No worries! Simply replace it, and watch as your new choice seamlessly updates everywhere the old font was used. It's all about flexibility and ease.

These features have been rigorously tested by our early access beta group, ensuring they're polished to perfection for you. Dive into the world of custom fonts and redefine how you express your brand's unique voice and style!