Add-ons: A great way to get more out of your online store

Maybe you’re one of those people who likes to trick out your car so it can go super-fast. Or perhaps when you buy an airfare, you always make sure you pay for extra legroom. Or maybe when you book a resort holiday, you like to get the deluxe package. Sometimes we don’t want to settle for the bare minimum; we want to add on to what we buy.

In the website biz, we call these add-ons: third-party software that you can “add on” to your Rocketspark online store to get even more out of it. Even a basic Rocketspark website has a high degree of functionality, but with add-ons it can become a supercharged high-tech web performer for your business.

How can add-ons help my ecommerce business?

Add-ons can help your online business in countless ways but, broadly speaking, they can do the following:

  1. Minimise admin

    Drowning in admin? You’re not alone; every business owner could use less admin in their life. Add-ons can be a great way to ease the administrative burden, freeing you up to focus on the stuff you really care about.

  2. Streamline operations

    Add-ons can simplify your processes and systems by making everything more streamlined. Often, they take care of those repetitive, time-consuming—and, let’s face it, mind-numbing—tasks that really slow things down.

  3. Save time

All this means add-ons can save on that most precious of commodities: time. And if the old adage is true, saving time will also save you money. Add-ons sometimes cost extra, but can reduce costs in the long run.

What add-ons are available?

There are masses of add-ons available. Imagine a problem and there’s probably an add-on solution somewhere out there. Here are a few of our top picks for online shops:


Xero is an accounting beast, taking care of so many of the headaches associated with balancing the books. Orders from your online store flow effortlessly through to Xero as invoices, making your Rocketspark store one slick operation. Learn more here.


Vend is point-of-sale software that seamlessly integrates with Rocketspark so that you can easily manage inventory across both your online and offline stores. Learn more here.


GoSweetSpot is a time-saving tool for managing your shipping. Orders from your Rocketspark online store go directly to GoSweetSpot, where you can select the appropriate shipping option. Learn more here.


Stripe is one a number of payment gateways you can use with Rocketspark. It’s quick and easy for customers to use—and it is totally compatible with your Rocketspark store. Learn more here.


Laybuy and Zip Pay—two different but similar add-ons—both allows your customers to pay for stuff bought online in instalments. A 21st century twist on layby payment plans. Currently our Laybuy integration is available for merchants in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom (Learn more here) while Zip Pay is available in Australia. Learn more here.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping puts your online products directly into relevant search engine results without the user even having to leave Google. Connecting it with your Rocketspark store puts your product information right in front of Google users. Learn more here.

That’s just a taste of what’s available. There are loads more add-ons, and we’re constantly integrating new ones with the Rocketspark platform. Click here to see a current list of supported add-ons.

Conclusion: Get even more from your online store with add-ons

Add-ons are not just pointless bells and whistles. They can minimise admin, streamline operations, and save time. The right add-on can be a real asset to your website and, ultimately, to your business. Your Rocketspark online store can do a lot. With add-ons, it can do even more.