Introducing Saved Brand Colours to design beautiful websites faster

We have created a feature which will allow you to improve your workflow and design beautiful websites faster. We are excited to introduce — Saved Brand Colours. This feature lets you save all your client's brand colours as swatches. You can then automatically update and reuse them in other places on the website. This way, you can manage all your brand colours in one place. Plus, you can control which colours your clients can use after you finish the project.

Manage all your Saved Brand Colours in one place

Adding, managing and adjusting colours across a website can be time consuming — with that, Saved Brand Colours was born. At the start of the project, add your client's brand colours to one spot. This way, you can easily use them throughout your website design. 

We know that once you get the ball rolling with website design in Rocketspark, your creative juices may take you in another direction that you hadn't initially thought. Saved Brand Colours lets you update your brand colour in the sidebar. Then, it will automatically update the hundreds of places you've used that colour on your website. So, don't worry too much about your colour selection. You can always change it later if you need to.

The brand identity process is smooth from start to finish. You can see your client's website come to life from ideation to a live site. If you design a brand for a client, you would have already worked on the brand colours during that process, so you can easily translate your brand identity through to website design. You can now set up their brand colours in Rocketspark from the get-go, allowing you to improve your workflow and design beautiful websites, fast.

Name and describe your brand colours

Do you ever have 50 different shades of blue appearing in your recent colours, and you're not too sure which shade of blue you've decided to use? Similar colours can be hard to differentiate, and this can create confusion and inconsistency throughout the website. Saved Brand Colours is here to help. When you save your brand colours, you can add a name and description. This means you can easily identify them and use them on the website accordingly. In the description, you could add where this colour is to be used to really speed up the process.

Set the colours your clients can choose

Client handover can be a daunting task — what if the client destroys my beautiful creation?! Saved Brand Colours makes this process a little bit less stressful. By simply selecting a drop-down in your Design Studio, you can make sure your clients only have access to the saved brand colours. This reduces the likelihood of your clients putting on their website design hat and having free reign with all the colours of the rainbow. Making you more confident with the client handover process. 

Wrap up

Saved Brand Colours can really help you improve your workflow and design beautiful websites faster. This feature has several benefits, including: having brand colours from the start, managing all saved brand colours in one place, using the same colours throughout the design process, and setting colours for clients to use after handover. What are you waiting for? See how to use the Saved Brand Colours feature here. We can't wait to see what you think.