Where to find inspiration

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Sometimes it can be hard to get inspired, writer's block or design fatigue can come at unexpected times. In this edition of Reel Talk with Jason Tiller, Rocketspark Head of Partnerships, we cover where you can find inspiration, and then, where you can find it, if you can’t find it in the first suggested places.

Where should I look for inspiration?

Instagram is great for inspiration. Most of the world's best creatives live there. Behance is another good platform to get inspiration from, it’s a portfolio site a lot of creatives tend to use. For web designers, a great website for inspiration is awwwards. The best websites in the world are on there. 

Another great way to gain inspiration is to follow creators that you like, not just on Instagram or other social media, but follow the work they’re creating, whether that’s online or in-person.

Look outside the square of your discipline, if you work retail design, look at what people are doing in sculpting. There is plenty of different stuff out there that could inspire you.

What if I can’t find it there? Where else can I look?

One of my favourite things to do is to visit art galleries. I take a lot of photos, not of whole artwork, but segments and patterns and colours that I really like. I also like to go to the gardens and look at different plants, there’s all these different colours, shapes and flowers. Both of those places help me find creative inspiration. It can be as simple as taking yourself somewhere that you don’t normally go.

Children can also be a great source of inspiration. They’re weird. They don’t have a lot of the ingrained filters that we have as adults. Show something to a kid and they’ll give you a weird take on it, it might be useless, but it also might be the weirdest nugget of gold you’ve ever found in your life.