Learning, to give

A passion for learning, and the mutual benefit it brings, is the drive behind Les Huett’s community work.

Empower Business & Accounting Solutions NZ Ltd (EBAS) team member Les Huett has developed various community sites in the past on a number of different platforms.

These have included an amateur orchestra with a private area where orchestra members access their scores and a site for blind and partially sighted people that had an innovative navigation system that used voice prompts to guide people to audio content using just keyboard number keys. 

Les said, he and his brother, Trevor, who is his business partner, are really keen on helping more community groups.

“We like to benefit from learning, but we want others to benefit at the same time, so if we can learn new skills and help others, that’s a win win,” Les said.

Ashtead Residents' Association (RA), in the UK, had seen Les's work for another Residents' Associations and commissioned Les to build a new site for them to replace their dated and hard to manage site, this time on a Rocketspark platform.

“I’ve only been working with Rocketspark for about a year. I’ve been really impressed with the whole team, the support is great. I’ve got clients who I’ve put through to Rocketspark and they always say to me they wished everything else was as easy as Rocketspark,” Les said.

Les was able to meet Ashtead RA requirements with their large amount of static content along with weekly news updates, which are now easily managed. 

He also introduced on-line membership subscription payments and a local events diary to the site. 

“The beauty of that site is that it only takes two clicks to get to the content you want to see,” Les said.

The Ashtead RA team have been actively involved with site development and the beauty of the simple Rocketspark site management, which they are able to undertake themselves. 

“I was expecting to do some more hand holding, but after a few questions they are now totally on the money.”

Les said the beauty of Rocketspark was its simplicity. 

“I’m about to put another Residential Association on to Rocketspark as well, it means they have better access to make small changes,” he said.

Les said he has always enjoyed helping community groups.

“I find there’s a learning experience each time I help a different group, so technically it’s interesting to do. 

“It’s great to make things easier for people and community groups are great to help, because that’s what they are trying to do, help.”

But it’s not just community projects that Les works on. He is currently deploying websites for a client across Europe as part of a revitalizing program following the impact of the pandemic on the hospitality industry. 

“The speed that new sites can be built in Rocketspark in local languages from a standardized template has been very straightforward to implement,” he said. 

Empower is a business focused company, they help integrate businesses with accounting systems, standard operating procedures, payroll and making businesses viable as a whole. They also offer websites on the Rocketspark platform and partner with Xero, Unleashed, process.st and Aroflo.

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