The Rocketspark Ecosystem — Part 2: Find a designer

The Rocketspark Ecosystem — Part 2: Find a designer

Rocketspark is so much more than just a web builder. These days, we’re an entire community of web professionals. We call it the “Rocketspark ecosystem”, a network that can help you find a web designer (if you’re looking for help with your website) and find more clients (if you’re a design partner).

This post is written for people looking for a graphic/web designer. In it, we explain how the Rocketspark ecosystem can help you find a designer who can help you design a professional-looking website. (Are you a designer looking to connect with clients? Our ecosystem can help you with that too. Check out Part 1 of this blog series, written for designers).

How does the Rocketspark ecosystem work?

Our web-builder has been specially designed, and further refined, so that anyone can build their own website—no special computer skills required. Our clever system lets you get a great-looking website at DIY prices.

But maybe you’d like some professional help. It could be that you’re short on time and would rather hire a graphic designer to build your site, or maybe you really want to get that extra-professional, jaw-droppingly gorgeous look that a designer can give you. That’s where our ecosystem can help. It’s a network of designers (and other web professionals like marketers, virtual PA’s, business coaches etc.) who are trained in building Rocketspark websites. These are our design partners.

There’s a lot of benefits to using a designer from our ecosystem:

  • You get a Rocketspark guru. To be listed, they must have built at least five Rocketspark websites—and, in many cases, they’ve built a lot more.
  • You get brand consistency. A lot of our designers do logos and branding, as well as websites, meaning you can get a consistent brand across the board.
  • You can edit the content yourself. Because our designers build on the user-friendly Rocketspark platform, once your site has been designed, you can edit and update it yourself.
  • You can find a local designer. Our directory is searchable by country, region, and partner level. That means you can find a designer close to home.
  • You get the security of being backed by a global company. Your designer may be local, but you get all the security benefits of being with an established, international web company.

Note: designers set their own fees for their services, then there is a Rocketspark subscription to pay. That ongoing subscription includes updates, support, security, editing tools etc. Find a Rocketspark designer here.

Case study: Waikato Stonecraft finds Kaz Dezign

When we started working with Waikato Stonecraft, we discussed both the DIY option and the partner option. Because they were looking for a sharp-looking, top-quality website, they opted to call in a design partner. It was particularly important to them that they find a local designer, somebody the could meet face-to-face and build a relationship with. They eventually connected with Kaz Design, a fellow Cambridge-based company. As a result, Waikato Stonecraft were able to get a website that looks as polished and elegant as one of their stunning granite benchtops.

Find a designer

There is more than one way to get the most out of the Rocketspark system. If you’d rather not build your own website, we can help you to find a designer. That way, you get the best of both worlds: a custom-built, professionally designed website, and a robust, secure website you can update and easily edit yourself.