Rocketspark, a website builder with Afterpay Integration

(Afterpay is called Clearpay in the UK)

Rocketspark is a website builder that integrates with Afterpay, which means you’re able to connect your Rocketspark ecommerce website store with Afterpay to offer your shoppers another buy now and pay later option, with four easy payments and no interest!

Spending habits are changing

Millennials & Gen Z-ers have been found to prefer to spend their own money, driving change in global spending habits. 

With your Afterpay integration you can gain access to a large and growing segment of shoppers who are increasingly using this type of payment gateway as a cheaper alternative to the more traditional credit options. 

With Afterpay, the shopper has a fast and easy way to pay for stuff online.

Grow your business with your Afterpay integration

Afterpay has helped thousands of businesses grow beyond their expectations by delivering a better sales conversion rate. Payments to you are triggered from the time the order is approved by Afterpay and are processed on the settlement processing time agreed (typically within 2 business days).  

Integrate your website with Afterpay / Clearpay and see these benefits:

  • Customer referrals from the Afterpay store directory.
  • You get paid now - You receive the amount of each purchase from Afterpay up-front (minus Afterpay’s fee).
  • Afterpay takes on the full risk of repayment.
  • With loyal customers - an Afterpay integration delivers increased customer engagement, higher customer satisfaction and repeat customers.
  • With more sales - Afterpay has approximately 20-30% higher conversion rate than other payment gateways, with lower return rates.
  • You can choose which products you want to sell via Afterpay

How Afterpay works for customers

Afterpay is available to customers over the age of 18 with a credit or debit card, in New Zealand, Australia, USA and the UK (Clearpay).  Currently you can only use your Afterpay account for Afterpay integrated stores that are set up to operate in your country.  

To set up Afterpay, the customer downloads the Afterpay app from Google Play or the App Store, and sets up their account. This is really the only time they’ll need to input credit or debit card details when shopping online where Afterpay is accepted, making for a much speedier checkout.

The shopper can shop from the Afterpay app’s All Stores tab providing quick links to stores that offer Afterpay. A shopper can manage their Afterpay account from the app, with transactions and order history, there is also the option to set up reminder notifications.

Shoppers are increasingly choosing Afterpay at checkout

  • The checkout process is streamlined and transactions can go through in just a few taps.
  • Payment is spread over four instalments and is required fortnightly.
  • There is no interest and no hidden fees for customers who pay on time. 
  • Late payment fees are capped and don’t accumulate.
  • It’s risk averse. Afterpay is available for low transaction values and there are strict spending caps.

Afterpay / Clearpay is not available for all industries.

Afterpay / Clearpay is not available for all industries. For a list of restricted items, please see our help guide here.

Set up Afterpay on your Rocketspark store