New footer and social media controls: It’s the simple things in life

Like many others, you’ve probably never really thought much about your footer, nor the power it could have. But we’ve been listening to your feedback about some little features you’ve been wanting to see and we’ve answered. Here at Rocketspark, we want you to have as much creative freedom as possible when it comes to editing all parts of your website.

We’ve added a neat switch that allows you to turn the default footer on your website on and off. With this simple new feature, you can change the way your pages feel - literally.

Maybe you want to design your own footer and don’t want the default footer links to display? Or perhaps you’re designing a page and want to start with a fresh canvas? Whatever the reason, all it takes is a single click.

Social Buttons - they can be friendly

You can now change the look of the social buttons anywhere on your Rocketspark website to fit your brand or your needs. Instead of just having one style of button to choose from, you now have the choice between icons or buttons. Do you need a different colour to match your brand? Do you need a different shape to match your style? With these new controls, it’s now easier than ever (Did we mention you can even edit them on a stack by stack basis!).

The best part is, you no longer have to stick with the rainbow buttons as the default on the mobile view. The possibilities are endless.

Copyright text - we know it can be boring

You now have the ability to edit the copyright statement that appears below the footer on your website. Maybe you have a returns/shipping policy that needs its own space? Or perhaps you want to add your own copyright and privacy info to the page? You now have the freedom to edit it as you need.

All together now

Your website is unique and we want your experience to be unique too. On their own, the new footer and social media controls might not seem big. But use them all together and you’ll be well on your way to creating beautifully simple websites.