Who owns a domain? Domain ownership disputes

We’ve been having an increasing number of clients coming to us who are being held hostage by their previous web developer with the domain ownership being the key negotiating tool.  In most instances the web agency doesn’t have a leg to stand on as there are policies in place by the governing bodies that administer the various domain types and these policies have been designed to protect the rightful owner of a domain.  The governing bodies also provide dispute resolution services by which you can make a case to receive rightful ownership of the domain.  

The essence of the dispute resolution process is to show evidence of other intellectual property that shows that you are the rightful owner of the domain.  In most instance the web developers only connection to your domain and brand will be the fact that they built your website whereas you should be able to demonstrate a much wider attachment to the domain.

Check out the individual policies for the key regions where Rocketspark operates:

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Global top level domains - .com, .org etc




At Rocketspark we like to keep things simple for clients so we register and renew domain names on behalf of clients and the client is always listed as the registrant (owner) of the domain. Learn more about how to register a domain name with Rocketspark and retain ownership of your domain.