How to register a domain name with Rocketspark

To make the process of getting online super simple we allow you to register your domain as part of the go live process, or pre-register while on trial. The world of domains and connecting them to the IP addresses of servers and configuring MX records for email accounts is confusing for most so we take care of it all.

Who owns a domain?

When a web domain name is registered there are typically 3 contacts listed on the registration form:

  • The Registrant - this is the owner of the domain
  • The Administrator - this person picks up the tab and pays the bill each year
  • The Technical Contact - this is the person who can do the technical settings on the domain

When we register a domain name for a client we list the client’s name as the Registrant & Administrator so that they know that they are the rightful owner. To demonstrate our confidence in the service that we provide we purposely minimise all barriers to leaving us and we won’t attempt to trick a client that we can keep them hostage over their domain.

Transfer a domain

If you have previously registered your domain with another company it is easy to transfer your domain to Rocketspark and you’ll remain listed as the registrant/admin and we simply become the technical contact. If you ever wish to leave Rocketspark we’ll assist you with the transfer of your domain and you have the added assurance that you’ve remained the owner of your domain.

Domain ownership disputes

If you are not sure who owns a domain and you are having trouble getting your previous web agency to hand over the keys to your domain I recommend you check out our blog post on who owns a domain and domain ownership disputes.