Staff Profile: Lara Villavicencio

Meet Lara, she has just started with us here at Rocketspark as one of our friendly developers. But what you may not know about Lara is that she is also our resident space and planets font of knowledge, she loves to spend her free time watching all sorts of docos and tv series’ like ‘Stranger Things’.

Lara recently completed her Computing and Mathematical Science studies at the University of Waikato, after immigrating to New Zealand eight years ago from the Phillippines. She wasn’t very keen to move initially due to all her friends being there but she now considers New Zealand home.

“My favourite part of being at Rocketspark is being able to work as part of a close team, that’s pretty fun and passionate about their work,” said Lara.

As a family person herself, when Lara started here at Rocketspark she found herself to be very nervous. However, she’s found through the time she’s been here, the team has been welcoming and friendly.

“Since starting here, I have learnt so much more about the nature of computer science and coding,” says Lara.

Lara is actually rather a creative, she’s part of a musical family and plays the guitar herself. As well as sketching and painting - graphic design and UX + UI design. In fact, if Lara hadn't studied computer science, she was going to become a designer.