How do I get a .nz domain name? Can I get a .nz domain name?

.nz domain names have just become an option in New Zealand.  Unlike .co.nz, .net.nz etc it is a shorter extension like rocketspark.nz rather than rocketspark.co.nz.

Can I get a .nz domain name?

To find out if you can register a .nz domain name, visit the following link and check the status.


What do I do if the domain name is conflicted and what does this mean?

If you own yourdomain.co.nz and someone else owns yourdomain.net.nz or yourdomain.school.nz there is a conflict because you both might want that domain.  To find out more about the process you can go through with conflicted domain names, visit the following link:


Should I get a .nz domain name?

As .nz domain extensions are new, there will be some time for website visitors to get used to the idea of not having the .co on the start of .co.nz.  This means that having yourdomain.nz but not also owning a traditional domain extension like yourdomain.co.nz might be confusing for people to remember.  For that reason the main benefit of registering .nz is to secure the address to supplement your existing domain name so someone else can’t create a website at the .nz address.

If your domain isn’t conflicted, we can register it for you

If you would like to register a .nz domain name and it isn’t conflicted, we can register this for you on your behalf for $35+gst/year.  Contact support@rocketspark.com if you would like us to register your .nz domain.