Sell online and in-store with Lightspeed

Beautifully simple ecommerce for brick and mortar shops

Link your online store with Lightspeed POS

Integrate your online and physical retail into a streamlined system. Import all of your products from Lightspeed in a single click makes setup fast and easy.

Dante's Case study

Dante's Fine Foods—Rocketspark + Lightspeed

Managing inventory when you’re selling over 2,000 products is no small task. So when Vicki Grootscholten decided to expand into e-commerce, she needed an online store that would merge with her brick-and-mortarshop into one streamlined system.

Why connect Rocketspark & Lightspeed?

  • Fast and simple to setup—no need for a third party integrator.

  • Single inventory for online and in-store stock to prevent overselling. 

  • Automatically import products from Lightspeed to your Rocketspark shop. 

  • Selectively sync products with a specific tag, or sync all products. 

  • Online sales are pushed to the Lightspeed sale history upon successful payment. 

  • Product updates at Lightspeed or Rocketspark are synced to both locations. 

  • Setup 'online only' products which only appear on your website.

Everything you need to sell online

We've carefully selected the best third-party platforms to integrate with. Lightspeed is available on Rocketspark's Ecommerce Pro plan.

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What is Rocketspark?

We’ve made it super simple to make a website, no matter how savvy you are. We guide you towards best practice design. The end result looks professional and properly reflects the quality of your business. It’s extremely easy to update your own website.

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