Full list of ecommerce features

Intuitive and easy to use ecommerce with lots of powerful features

Beautiful design

Large photo slideshows

Large full window width photo slideshows that are fully editable by you.

100’s of designer fonts

Choose from hundreds of Adobe Typekit fonts for use on your website.

Sleek buying experience

The whole buyer journey is clear and easy to navigate for your buyers.

Products on homepage

Display products and category images on your homepage and link to them in the shop.

Product image zoom

Click to enlarge product photos and view them in a retina screen friendly gallery.

Simple checkout

Simple checkout so that buyers are less likely to drop out of the buying process.

Google address auto-complete

Enter an address in the checkout and suggested addresses appear in a dropdown.


Grid and List views

Buyers can view your shop area in grid or list view to suit how they like to browse.

Customisable homepage

The home page is not a rigid template and you can create any layout you want to.

Custom checkout fields

As a an optional extra, custom fields can be added to the checkout form.

Great for buyers

Categories, Tags, Brands

Buyers can filter by category, tag, brand or a combination of these options.

Search products

Powerful product searching so buyers can find a specific product among many.

Product sorting options

Sorted alphabetically by default with options for lowest and highest price.

Related products

Set up related products to display on a product page to catch buyer interest.

Gift store mode

Gift mode gives buyers the option to specify if an order is a gift for someone else.


Subscription boxes

Curate bundles of great products into boxes and set the delivery frequency that your customers want.

Design & manage your subscriptions

Unlimited subscription products, coupons, promotions. Easy visual stock management system with CSV stock reports.

Recurring & one off products

Integrate subscriptions into your standard ecommerce products for seamless repeat purchasing. 

Create & operate your store

No previous website experience needed. With a 5-star rating for ease-of-use, you'll feel right at home with our drag and drop website builder.

Customer accounts

Checkout with saved details

Customers that have purchased before can checkout with their saved address details.

Customers can view history

Your customers can log in and view the status of all orders they've made with you.

Edit saved details

Your customers can edit their saved details by logging into their account.

Visibility of top customers

Get a bird's eye view of all of your customers sorted by spend, total orders or last order.

Export customers to CSV

Export your customer spending data to CSV file.

Password-less logins

Customers can get a sign in link that contains a button to log in password-free.

Magic email field

The email field detects new and returning customers and tailors their experience.

Products & inventory

Tag products

Tags are a type of filter that are useful for filtering by things like colour and sex.


Set up product categories for filtering by a type of product like tee shirt, shorts, shoes.

Unlimited pictures

Display as many product images per product as you like, showing detail to the buyer.

Product title/description

Have a product title and option to have a full text description for each product.

Product statuses

Useful product status options: For sale, hidden, out of stock, sold, catalogue only.

Add to Brands

Specify the brand of a product so buyers can browse by their favourite brands.

Assign shipping rate

Set up shipping rates and assign these to specific products or use a default rate.

Variants option

Set up variant options under the same product for things like size, colour, weight.

Price by variant

Different variants can have different prices, for add ons and differently priced options.

Stock levels tracked

Keep track of stock levels on your store and stock by variant for applicable products.

Variant builder

Quickly set up all colour and size variances without having to set them up one by one.

If stock reaches zero

Options to continue selling, hide product or mark as sold out if stock reaches zero.

Export Orders as CSV

Export your order history as a spreadsheet for importing into other software.

Product export to CSV

Export product data to import into other software or for spreadsheet editing.

Auto-resize product images

Auto-resize all of your product images storewide to be a consistent shape and size with a single click.


Xero integration

Online sales automatically flow into Xero accounting software as invoices.

Lightspeed integration

Connect your retail stock, inventory and sales with your online shop.

Laybuy integration

Connect your Rocketspark online shop with Laybuy to offer payment over 6 weeks, interest-free, but still receive full payment within 48 hours.

GoSweetSpot integration

Orders flow to GoSweetSpot for streamlined shipping, label and packing slip printing, selecting courier rates and booking pickups.

Catalogue mode (optional)

Catalogue only products

Make all of your products viewable and searchable but remove online purchasing.

Hide checkout & basket

All shop features are visible except the basket and checkout.


Payment gateways

Rocketspark currently supports eWay, Stripe, Windcave, Paypal, Afterpay, Laybuy and more.

Bank transfer payment

Buyers can pay by bank transfer to your bank account and you can mark as paid.

Mark as shipped

Mark an order as shipped so you can keep track of what you still need to send.

Send personal message

Send a template or personal message to the buyer when their product is shipped.

Retry payment fail

If payment is unsuccessful we give your customer an easy way to retry.

Order confirmation

Order confirmations emails are sent to the buyer and the merchant.


Free shipping option

Offer free shipping if buyers spend over a certain amount

Shipping rates

Charge different shipping based on location, quantity and per product basis.

Offer pickup locations

Buyers can choose to pick up in-store to save the cost of shipping or if your online store has a wider range than is currently available

Add sub-regions

Offer urban area, state or regional delivery pricing options for buyers.

Label printing

With the GoSweetSpot integration, you can print labels and packing slips and book courier pick ups and more.



Taxes are automatically calculated during checkout based on the shipping location.

Tax exempt option.

Choose specific products that you don't want to charge tax on.

Dashboard settings

Order History & Reports

View full order history and filter by previous months and current month to date.

22 currencies supported

Set your shop in one of 22 common currencies from around the world.

Why pay or RRP label

Show your customers the savings they can make by showing them the usual price.

Shop T&Cs

We provide model T&C's for you as a starting point to writing your own terms.

One time use coupons

Create coupons that can only be used once by a customer.

Quantity picker type

Set which type of quantity picker is displayed to customers during the checkout.

Add to basket with quantity

Displays a quantity input next to the "Add to cart" button on the product page.

Grid or list view by default

Display store page products as grid or list by default.

Single or multi-select categories

Choose to single or multi-select categories by default.

Show/hide breadcrumbs

Show the navigation breadcrumbs on the product page

Edit checkout field labels

You can edit some delivery labels including Regions & ZIP/Postcodes from your ecommerce checkout.

Rename Category, Filter, Brand

Anywhere Category, Brand and Filter appear in your shop can be renamed.

Checkout success tracking

Add tracking code to the success page of your checkout for Adwords/Facebook.

Ecommerce SEO

SEO friendly

Each product page is automatically optimised for Google search engines.

Mobile optimised

Mobile optimised buying

The whole buying experience is optimised for mobile phone browsing and buying.

Coupons and Promos


Set up percentage or dollar discount coupons for promoting special offers.

Promo discounts

Run sales to entice visitors to buy. Apply a percentage discount to all products or discount specific categories, brands, tags or combo.

Section specific coupons

Set coupons up to apply to specific categories, tags, brands or a combination.

Coupon/promo date ranges

Set coupons and promos to start and end at specific dates and times.

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