Website Builder for Graphic Designers

Website builder for graphic designers

At Rocketspark we know that there are graphic designers and online marketers who need to build websites for their clients and want to work with a system that is code free, where they don't need to worry about the technical stuff, get great training and have support when they need it.

Rocketspark is that system!

Building Websites Code Free

The biggest bit of feedback we get from graphic designers is that they really don’t want to code (Even if they know how!) It’s a skill that most graphic designers don’t want to keep up with when building websites for their clients as they would rather stick to what they know which is making things look incredible. However, they all know that they need to be able to offer websites and their clients have been asking them if they do websites.

With Rocketspark, graphic designers don’t need to worry about any code or anything in the technical realm. The Rocketspark system is completely code free to build the website but still allows huge design flexibility.

We know from our own early days of creating websites that there is always a hidden cost to maintaining website code. You can’t afford to stand still and clients don’t appreciate the ongoing costs of essential maintenance such as browser and security updates. With a code-free solution we take care of the behind the scenes essential maintenance which we can then push out to all clients on Rocketspark.

The technical stuff is taken care of

Rocketspark’s driving force is to make website editing and design as simple as possible but with flexibility that means the websites that graphic designers create don’t look like they’ve come from a template. With a powerful-yet-beautifully-simple suite of design tools graphic designers are able to build websites without any of the technical hindrances that are historically part of building websites.

If you do end up getting into the more technical elements of digital marketing with some clients, Rocketspark’s support team are here to help answer those tricky questions and offer that more technical support. Rocketspark’s support is second to none and is here to work with designers and their clients with the process of getting the website live as well.

Design Studio to manage clients

Managing clients, remembering passwords, and managing contractors access to sites can be a nightmare when designers are building websites for clients. The Rocketspark Design Studio solves these issues by giving you a simple, single login system to manage all of your clients, contractors and keep track of your Rocketspark commissions you’ve earned.

The Rocketspark Design Studio includes:

  • Single login access to all of your clients websites
  • One click login to each website
  • 60 day trial sites
  • Tracking Rocketspark commissions
  • Permission access for staff and contractors
  • Inviting clients to view websites
  • Custom feature pricing
  • Advanced designer only editing access

The Rocketspark Design Studio is free to all Rocketspark Graphic Design Partners to use.

Ongoing website training for designers

With regular online classes, an invite only Facebook group, Monthly partner only newsletters and in person training Rocketspark is committed to help training and supporting their partners in all things web. Whether it is keeping up to date with the latest trends, the best add ons, or the latest game changing Rocketspark features, we keep our partners up to date.

Add ons to expand functionality

There is an app for that! And most of these apps connect with Rocketspark. Designers can build a beautifully simple website with Rocketspark and then dramatically extend the flow of information and the functionality of the website by using all the great systems Rocketspark can connect with. If the app gives some code to be added to a website, it can be added with Rocketspark. Whether the addon is for restaurant reservations, appointment booking, complex forms, email marketing, accommodation and adventure booking, calendars, geo targeting, or mp3 players, adding these features to Rocketspark is often as simple as a copy and paste (and if you get stuck, we’re here to help!).

Great support

At Rocketspark, we pride ourselves on giving great support you can understand. We keep our developers hidden away so that they can do what they do best, while our support team help in language that everyone can understand. With over 500 self help articles, partners and their clients can get step by step guides to solve problems and find out how to use features, or their is a worldwide support team who can answer questions via email whenever needed.

If you are a graphic designer or an online marketer, or you know someone who is, the Rocketspark Partner Programme may be perfect for you. Find out more information here and register your interest and one of our partner managers will be in touch to give a demo of how it all works.

Also, if you'd like to trial Rocketspark for yourself, you can start a free 30 day trial here.