Rocketspark Integrates with eWay and Stripe payment gateways

At Rocketspark we have been hard at work putting together our latest feature set. This time it's more payment gateway options for our online shops.

Our latest additions includes eWay and Stripe. It's also possible now to have more than one payment gateway connected to your online shop. So you can have Payment Express and Paypal enabled as well and let your customers decide which payment gateway they would like to use. We show these options in a tidy popup at the final step of the checkout process.

Now for a little bit about the new payment gateways.


eWAY is a payment gateway that allows shoppers to pay you via credit or debit card. Their fees are reasonable, and setup is somewhat simplified as you don't need a merchant account with your bank. Also funds will appear in your bank account the following business day. Find out more about eWAY here https://eway.io/ We've also streamlined the setup process, if you are wanting to setup an eWAY account you can fill out a form from within your Rocketspark Dashboard and eWAY will take care of the rest.


Stripe is a payment gateway notable for it's easy-to-use interface and quick setup. As there is no merchant account required, it's possible to have your Stripe account up and running within minutes without any 'account approval' delays. There are also no monthly fees, and the per-transaction fee is very reasonable. The form where your customer enters credit card details is quick and simple to use. See here (https://stripe.com/global) for information on which countries are supported.

Find out more

For more information, see our Online Shop setup guide and jump to the Payment Gateways section. The guide will also help you pick the right payment gateway for you as its not always a one size fits all. Online Shop Support Guide

Try it out today for yourself!

All of these features are now available for all Rocketspark customers and trial customers. Not a Rocketspark customer yet? You can try Rocketspark free for 30 days so you can have a play with the new picture editing features.