How to make a great contact us page on your website

Visitors will arrive at your site. Hopefully they visit some other pages on your site. Then if they like what they’ve seen, they will either want to buy from you (if you’re an online shop) or if you’re a service business, they will want to get in contact with you. Contact us pages for online shops are still important, as it gives potential buyers an avenue to ask you questions in case there’s something they want to know before buying.

Make your contact page accessible from anywhere on your website

It’s important to remember is that your visitor may decide they’re ready to contact you at any point in their journey through your website. We recommend putting your contact us page at the end of your website menu so it’s easy for visitors to find. It’s also a good idea to add call to action buttons throughout your website asking people to make contact with you. Just be careful that you don’t push the contact agenda before you’ve built trust with your visitors. If someone doesn’t know enough about your business yet, they won’t make contact.

Keep your contact us page focused

If someone has arrived at your contact page, they are usually ready to make contact – so keep the design simple and uncluttered. Avoid unnecessary content that might distract from making contact.

Have the contact details people need

Have a simple list of the contact dtails you want to give people. It’s a good idea to order the layout in your preferred contact method. For example, if you’d rather people call you, put the phone number near the top. If people don’t usually visit your place of work, don’t put your physical or postal address near the top.

Have a contact form

Contact forms are a way for someone to send you a message from your website that arrives in your email inbox – and by hiding your email address from actually being on the page, it reduces the amount of spam you will receive. Another great thing about contact forms is that someone can complete the message right from your contact page, without having to open an email programme, making it faster and easier to make contact.

Include buttons that link to your social networks

After someone makes contact, they might be interested to follow you on social media. By adding social buttons that link to Facebook, Instagram etc, you can build your social media following off the back of visitors that have been interested enough to visit your contact page.

Include a location map if people visit your premises

Confirming your location could be a final barrier for someone before making contact, so it’s a good idea to have a map of your location on your contact page. If someone has made contact about making an appointment, a map of your location is relevant to them so they know how to find you.

Add an email newsletter subscribe form

In much the same way as adding your social buttons, adding an email newsletter subscribe form to your contact page can be a good way to build a database that you can keep in regular contact with. By regularly sending email newsletters to these interested people, they might become repeat customers or by having your brand front of mind, be more likely to recommend you to someone else.

Here are some good contact us page examples for inspiration

As you’ll see from the above examples, contact us page designs are best if they’re simple, clean and focussed on the most important thing – making contact.