Rocketspark's Digital Pop Up Shop

Your one stop shop for digital enablement and digital business tips and tricks. 

We’ve found in our experience that a hands-on workshop delivers more tangible results for businesses, especially utilising a show, rather than tell approach.

Where did the idea come from?

What's the concept?

A one stop shop for digital enablement

The idea here is that we utilise a vacant retail space in the Hamilton CBD to deliver a week long programme of digital and business upskilling classes.

  • Website effectiveness
  • Getting started with ecommerce
  • Making the most of your digital marketing
  • Preparing for business change
  • And much, much more

How will it work?

Scheduled, bookable workshops and a friendly drop in centre

  • Workshops delivered by our friends and partners
  • A drop in centre staffed by the Rocketspark team for all things web
  • A digital marketing helpdesk 
  • Wintec students as design advisors and general bodies

Who is this for?

Businesses that know they need some advice

We're aiming this directly at business owners and key staff members of SME's.

These are people who know that they need to be doing better with their digital presence, or are wanting to take their current activities to the next level.

How do we market this?

It's all about safety

We need to communicate that this is a safe space. No question is a dumb question etc. Being nervous to participate can be quite a hurdle to overcome, and a fear of being judged for not understanding or for having not done digital properly in the past would be a barrier to attendance. 

A direct marketing approach is going to be the best. Tapping into our networks and databases will ensure that we're reaching the right people. 

We're also confident that we will be able to generate some hype around the shop too.

What do we need from you?

This will only come together if we work together

Your support. 

As a representative organisation, we need your backing to approach businesses in Hamilton and the wider region. If we have a mandate from you, it becomes a much more compelling offer and will be one of the main drivers of success.

Your connections. 

We would welcome the opportunity to utilise your networks to help us pull this together. 

What happens now?

Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate

To get this off the ground, we're relying on you.

If we agree in principle, awesome! We'll pick this up and continue to meet with other key stakeholders and facilitators to really get this event supercharged!

Event timing is too hard to nail down as yet, but we're pencilling in the week of November 23rd.



  • Getting Started
  • Content Essentials
  • Blogging Essentials
  • Design Principles
  • SEO 101
  • Optimise Your Site


  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Connecting on LinkedIn
  • Digital strategy - Planning and Practice
  • Demystifying Digital 


  • Business transformation 
  • Planning for the unplannable
  • Change management (principles and practices)

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