Full list of features

Intuitive and easy-to-use website builder with lots of powerful features

Beautiful design

Stunning templates

Choose from our range of beautiful templates designed for a range of uses.

Look good automatically

Even with no customisation of your design, Rocketspark websites look great.

Photo slideshows

Large full window width photo slideshows that are fully editable by you.

100's of designer fonts

Choose from hundreds of Adobe Typekit fonts for use on your website.

Change design area

Change your template, logo and logo size, colours and fonts at any time.

Easy template changing

Changing templates doesn't require you to start from scratch with your content.

Auto-pick logo colours

Quick palettes are created automatically based on your uploaded logo.

Stack backgrounds

Add colour and picture backgrounds to stacks of content on your page.

Stack font and colour options

Edit the font, size and colour of all content and buttons in specific stacks.

Change size, colour and font

Edit size, colour, font for H1, H2, H3, paragraph and link text.

Button design options

Half-round, square or rounded corner options. Edit button size, colour & border.

Main menu text

Edit size, colour and font of menu text.

Adjust header height

Edit size, colour and font of menu text.

Adjust menu position

Adjust the vertical position of your navigation menu within your header.

Header overlay feature area

Position your logo and menu over your feature area images so the image goes to the top.

Gradient behind menu

Display an adjustable gradient behind your header to add definition against the feature area.

Split menu template

Choose a template where the menu is split either side of your centred logo.

Recent colours

A feed of your last 14 selected colours to make it easy to use colours again.

Feature area

Full height slideshows

Make your photo slideshow fill the full width and height of the window.

Overlay content over slideshows

Add headings, blurbs and buttons over top of feature area photo slideshows.

Transition effects

A range of different picture slideshow transition effects.

Adjustable height slideshows

Adjust the height of your feature area on a page-by-page basis.

Slideshow colour overlays

Apply a colour overlay with adjustable opacity.

Button styling

Adjust the font, size and colour of feature area buttons.

Adjust menu position

Position the menu above or below the feature area.

Edit heading tags for SEO

Feature headings can be made as H1, H2, H3 or div types for SEO.

Reorder slideshow pictures

Adjust the order of pictures in the slideshow.

Edit width of feature text

Adjust the width of feature area text content to define the wrapping point of each line.

Adjust vertical position

Adjust the vertical position of feature area content within the feature area.

Add text shadow

Add some shadow effects to your feature area text to add definition when it appears over pictures in the background.

Add content background

Add a background colour to your feature area content and adjust the opacity, colour and rounded corners.

Picture features

Picture size optimisation

Pictures are optimised for web viewing, even with large uploads.

Drag and drop pictures

Drag and drop to move pictures around the page and see how it looks as you do.

Automatic resizing

When you drag pictures into another column width, the picture auto-resizes.

Photo slideshows

Top of page feature slideshows and slideshows can be added anywhere on a page as well.


Photo galleries with clickable thumbnails and large preview as well as a caption option.

Zoom and crop

Zoom in on a particular part of a picture and crop the height and width.

Picture filters

Apply picture filters like blur and black and white.

Colour overlays

Apply colour overlays to pictures with adjustable opacity.

Picture shape editing

Adjust the shape of pictures (circle, square and rounded corners).

Mouse-over effects

Animation effects when you mouse-over pictures that are links.

Retina quality warning

A warning label is displayed if your uploaded picture quality is too low.

Retina image support

Picture block images are displayed at retina size for retina screens.

Best practice

Logo colour detect

Colours are auto-detected from your logo and colour palettes recommended.

Grid layout

Based on all possible column configurations of 1/4, 1/2, 1/3, 2/3, 3/4 page width.

SEO-friendly headings

Easy to do correct use of H1, H2 and H3 headings for maximum SEO benefit.

Consistent styling

When you change the font or colour of your buttons, it updates site-wide.

EU Cookie policy

In keeping with EU law, a confirm cookie policy notification is displayed.

Website editing

Add and lay out content

Easily add blocks of content and arrange them on the page at setup and in future.

Preview as you edit

Edit content and layouts without having to leave the page to see how they look.

Layouts give freedom

Templates are not rigid layouts. Set up any layout on any page and add new sections

Lots of block options

Text, picture, map, video, button, file, form, product, blog and social features.

Increase stack spacing

Add extra space above and below stacks of content.

Contact bar

Add contact details to the top of every page, with mobile tap to call.

Add your own Favicons

Upload your own image to create a custom Favicon.

Chinese character support

Social sharing functionality to get more traction from your blog posts.

Build powerful webforms

Add custom forms to your website to gather the information you need.


Add dated blog posts

Blog fully integrated into website rather than linking away to an external blog

Social buttons on posts

Social sharing functionality to get more traction from your blog posts.

Feature most recent post

Display your most recent blog post automatically on your home page.

Tag & Categorise

tag your blog posts under topics to easily categorise and filter.

Search for posts

Quickly find your blog posts or Tags with our searching features.

Blog commenting

Use Disqus' Industry-leading blog commenting functionality with lots of powerful features.

Blog feed image autocrop

Automatically crop all blog feed images to be consistent (optional).

Adjust blog dates

Edit the date of a blog post so you can back-date posts.

Feature most recent post

Display your most recent blog post automatically on your home page.

List or Grid view

Choose whether you want your blog posts to display in a grid or list layout.

SEO (Google)

Edit meta tags

Edit the meta tags for every page of your website (title, description, keywords).

SEO friendly

Link to SEO friendly features blog

Ecommerce meta tags

Meta tags for ecommerce are automatically created from your product details.

Blog meta tags

Blog meta tags are automatically created based on the blog title and intro text.

Different heading options

A range of heading tag options for SEO-friendly content (H1, H2, H3)

SEO Redirects

Easily create 301 redirects from historical URLs to your new pages. Also setup alternative page URLs.

URL redirects

Set up URL redirects from one URL to another. Set up extra URLs for the same page.


Visitor summary

Simple visitor summary graph on your dashboard home page for at-a-glance reporting.

To do list

Keep track of your progress as you set up your site with a to do list of what you need to do.

Manage pages

Add, remove and rename pages. Hide pages from your visitors to take them offline.

Settings in one place

The dashboard settings make it easy to find all of the settings you need.

Google analytics

Link with Google Analytics for powerful visitor reporting that is the industry standard.

Copy pages

Make a copy of an existing page and all content and design is duplicated.

Add tracking codes

Paste in tracking codes for third party reporting and Google services.

Social media

Connect social networks

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, Google+, Youtube.

Customisable social icons

Adjust the size, colour, position and style of your social icons.

Blog post sharing

Blog sharing buttons for Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Pinterest.

Social media buttons

Add social buttons to specific parts of a page.

Twitter/Facebook feed

Display a feed of recent posts on your Twitter or Facebook pages.

Instagram photo feed

Display your latest Instagram photos, full width.

Instagram stack

Display a feed of your 5 most recent Instagram photos as a 1 x 5 grid.


Sell Online easily

Easily add ecommerce tools to accompany your website, sell anywhere to everyone.

Shop features

Add products quickly, allowing your customers to purchase directly on your website.

Payment Gateways

Sell using Paypal, Payment Express or by Direct Bank Transfers.


Integrated with Vend and Xero to streamline your business processes

Hosting & domains

Hosting included

Fully managed website hosting included in all plans.

Hosting backups

All hosting is fully backed up off-site.

24/7 server monitoring

Instant text notifications alert us in the rare event of any server down-time.

Free domain

One new domain name included free for the first 12 months with your subscription (T&Cs apply)

Domain Manager

Edit domain name DNS, name servers for all of your domains in one place.

Transfer domains

Smooth process for transferring domains if you want to move them to Rocketspark.

Register domains

Register and pay for domains within your Dashboard, even on trial.

HTTPS secure SSL

A secure website using SSL to display your website as HTTPS rather than HTTP.

Email accounts

Cloud Based hosting

Access on any device, iPhone, Outlook, Android and many more

Domain email

Get an email address with your domain name after the @ symbol.

Large inboxes

25GB email mailboxes per email account.


Online webmail login option.

Mobile password recovery

Reset your password by sending a text to your mobile phone.

Spam/virus protection

Comprehensive spam protection for your emails.

Up to 50MB attachments

Send large attachments up to 50MB in file size.

Auto-setup tool

Easy to use auto-setup tool for installing on Outlook, Apple Mail etc.

Help guides

Comprehensive help guides with everything you need to know about email.


Many integrations


Look good on mobile

All content is automatically mobile optimised and passes Google's mobile friendly test.

Tap to call

Visitors can tap your phone number to call you direct from your mobile site.

Responsive web design

Websites optimised for every screen size — not just mobile and an average desktop size.

Preview mobile site

A fully interactive preview of your mobile site on a computer before going live.


Youtube & Vimeo

Upload videos to Youtube or Vimeo then display them on your Rocketspark website.

No messy embed codes

Just paste in the URL of your video and we handle the rest for Youtube and Vimeo videos.

Automatic resizing

Drag and drop your video into different column widths and it auto-resizes.

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