Writing great content is hard, Flint makes it easy.

Flint writes top-notch
content that sounds just like your business

Easily edit or create great content with Flint

Smart writing help right inside every text block

  • Quick auto-rewrite button

  • Make it easy to read button

  • Make it shorter & longer buttons

  • Tell Flint how to write & rewrite

Auto-write great headings for your paragraphs

Clicking the auto-write on an empty heading, Flint crafts clever, fitting headings for your paragraph.

Auto-write paragraphs from headings

Just click the auto-write button and watch as your paragraphs write themselves.

Unleashing new ideas with auto-write

Auto-write reviews your section's content and suggests new points in blank text blocks.

Create great content on your next or current website

Nails your tone of voice

Give Flint a little info about your vibe and it can write in that style.

Optimised for SEO

Flint adds Google-friendly keywords into your website.

Boost your creativity

Get catchy website content at lightning speed.

Like ChatGPT on your site

No more copy pasting back and forth from ChatGPT.

Save time on writing

Get catchy website content at lightning speed.

Always on brand

Flint remembers your style, ready to write like you when you need it.

Make any template your own with Flint in just a few clicks