GDPR Data Processing Addendum

This addendum applies to any Rocketspark customer who receives data about UK/EU leads or customers via their website (even if your business is not based in the UK/EU). This could be for the purpose of ecommerce sales, online form submissions or private login membership sites.

What personal data does Rocketspark store on your behalf about your customers/leads?

If you have a website that uses the Rocketspark Private Login System add-on, we store your members login and account details for the purpose of your management of their membership.

Rocketspark Ecommerce

Rocketspark stores the information someone enters into the checkout of your website and will include name, email address and other checkout fields required to fulfill the order. You can see all data that we store about a customer in the orders area of your Rocketspark website (or the Customers area if you are an Ecommerce Pro customer).

Rocketspark Forms

Rocketspark stores the information someone enters into any Rocketspark Form Builder forms you have on your website based on the fields of data you choose to receive.Rocketspark Private Login System

What does Rocketspark do with your customer’s personal data?

Rocketspark uses Postmark to send service messages like order notification and invoice emails. Any emails Rocketspark sends to your customers will be essential service emails about your customers purchase (like an invoice or account confirmation message) and will be written as such that they are representing your store.

Rocketspark will not supply your customer’s personal information with any other third party or subprocessors, except in the situation where you have authorised a third party integration for purposes like Accounting, your Email Marketing to your customers (via checkout opt-in checkbox), Shipping management or Point-of-Sale/Inventory software.

Your rights and the rights of your customers

Rocketspark agrees to comply with the requirements of the GDPR with regards to data it holds about your customers. If your customer requests to be forgotten/deleted from your store, contact the Rocketspark support team with details of the customer and we will permanently delete that customer from your Rocketspark account.

All other requirements for your store to be GDPR compliant will need to be managed by you but rest assured if you require Rocketspark’s assistance with regards to GDPR compliance we are happy to assist and meet our obligations under the GDPR.