Customer Accounts

Higher sales with returning customers

Make it fast for customers to buy again and easy for first-time buyers to save their details for future purchases, whether they create an account or not.

Turn customers into regulars with Customer Accounts

The email field recognises first-time buyers and doesn't ask them to create an account until after completing their purchase.

You can forget about forgotten passwords

Your customers will love that they don’t need to remember their password. They can enter their email address to be sent a sign in link so they don’t have to remember or reset their password... ever.

Lightning-fast checkout using saved details

The email field automatically recognises returning customers and gives them the option to use their saved details for a fast checkout.

All past buyers can use saved details

With Customer Accounts, the email field recognises returning buyers that didn't create an account in the past, so they can verify their account and pay with their saved details—easy.

Account benefits for your customers

Faster checkout

Customers with accounts can usetheir saved address details for afaster checkout.

View past orders

Your customers can see all of their past orders in one place to see what they bought previously.

Order tracking

Order tracking codes will show in the customer login area for all of your customer's orders.

Edit saved details

Customers can log in and edit their saved address details so it’s correct for their next purchase with you.

View order details

Customers can view a detailed order summary page for every order they’ve had with you.

Get member benefits

Export customers to CSV and send discount coupons to customers that have an account.

Know your top customers

Get clear visibility of your top customers, sorted by total spend or total orders. Customer data is exportable to a CSV file for slicing and dicing in your favourite email marketing software, spreadsheet software or reporting software.

Customer Accounts is available on Rocketspark's Ecommerce Pro plan


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