Waikato Creative Meet Up

Connecting the creative community.

August 2020

A Creative Community for the Creative Community

At Rocketspark we have 100's of New Zealand graphic designers that design websites for their clients on our platform. 

Most of them are working Mums that work from home, and one of the biggest bits of feedback we had over the lockdown period was the real sense of disconnectedness from the wider creative community. A lot of our designers are also artists and illustrators. We’ve also been catching up with photographers and videographers, and again there’s an appetite for community.

Our goal is to organise a meetup, not just for our designers, but for anyone feeling a sense of creative disconnect that works in the creative space. It will be agnostic, not a sales pitch for Rocketspark, a community event that brings value and connection to those that attend.

How will we achieve this?

By hosting a regular event in Hamilton for creatives. Networking drinks and a couple of short but informative keynotes around trends and inspiration for the creative community in the Waikato. 

Rocketspark has a Waikato database of over 100 graphic designers, illustrators, artists, copywriters, photographers and videographers of which we’d reach out to to invite along to the event. We also aim to partner with Wintec and Waikato University to extend an invite to their creative departments, as well as the wider Creative Waikato community.

Event structure:

Doors open at 5:30 with drinks and nibbles in the foyer area, speakers start at 6:00.

Speakers will have short but effective 10 minute slots.

  • Illustration and Design Effectiveness 
  • Speaker: Bron Alexander - renowned New Zealand illustrator and designer

  • Better Design, Better Designers
  • Speaker: Jeremy Johnson - Head of Design and Product for Rocketspark

  • Brand and Space
  • Alexander Wastney, Design Director, Designwell

What do we need from you?

Quite frankly, your support.

We are after support in any form, monetary or endorsement.

We want to be able to have a worthwhile event, with plenty of engagement and attendance, and this can only be achieved by working together.

So please, get in touch and we can figure this out.


Jason Tiller - Head of Partnerships