Rocketspark + Community Box

Member directories made easy.

Managing member directories has never been easier.

Add a member directory to your Rocketspark site in a few clicks! Members can keep their own profiles up to date, saving you the work. Your members’ locations can be displayed on a searchable, interactive map. Easily import profiles in bulk from a spreadsheet and other sources. Many customisation features are available, for you to match your directory to your existing design guidelines.


Reduce your admin overhead

Let your community grow itself

Members can add their own entries so no more manual uploading.

Easily add to your Rocketspark site

Community Box is easily integrated into Rocketspark. Check out the help video below.

Put your community on the map

Showcase where your members are located with our map view.

Install Community Box on your Rocketspark site

Watch the quick tutorial video below, and get your member directory up and running in no time!

Quality add-ons

We've carefully selected the best third-party platforms to integrate with. These all play a perfect supporting role to Community Box - make sure to check them out.

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