Accountant & bookkeeper websites best practice guide

You're accounting professionals—but does your website show that? Does it clearly communicate what you offer and convert visitors into leads?

Supercharged word of mouth

Much of your business will come from word-of-mouth referrals but a lot of people will want to learn about your accounting practice and your team before making contact. Rocketspark makes exactly the kind of website that a modern accounting practice needs.

A beautifully simple website is what you need for a good first impression

You only have a few seconds to engage a potential client sufficiently to ensure they browse your website deeper. So first impressions really matter. Whether you create your own website using our tools or you get us to build it for you, your Rocketspark website will look professional and modern.

Keep your website up-to-datewith drag-and-drop simplicity

You're busy running your practice—you don't have time to call in a Rocket scientist every time you want to edit your website. We've designed Rocketspark so that you don't need to be a technical guru to update your website.

Look your best on all devices

Let's say friends are discussing accountants at a summer barbecue. There's a good chance that when your practice's name comes up in the conversation, a potential client will pull out their smartphone and check you out right there and then. So it's important your site looks just as great, no matter if it's being viewed on a phone, tablet or computer. Rocketspark sites automatically adapt to the device being used without requiring any extra effort on your part.

Christine Stevenson
Business Manager, Accounted4
We wanted a website that was original, vibrant, easy to navigate and to update ourselves and that is exactly what we got!

Make it real - showcase the teamand tell your story

Rocketspark makes it easy to add photos, text and videos. That's important because several studies have proven that using real photos of smiling people can have a significant positive impact on conversion rates. We ensure that you can easily use words and images to tell your story and introduce the team. We also provide you with best practice design guides so you know what makes an effective website

Give away a little of your expertise

Sharing a little of your expertise is a great way to attract potential clients to your business. For instance, a small business owner may be searching for information on the tax deductibility of coffees at client meetings. If your site is where they find the answer, chances are they'll see what else you have to offer. Rocketspark's built-in blog let's you share a little of your expertise so you can draw people into your website.

Make it easy to contact you...

Once you've engaged people online with your professional look, friendly team and helpful advice it's important to make it easy for people to get in touch. Add your own contact form to your site in just seconds. On mobile devices a tap-to-call button means your clients don't even need to dial the number—they simply tap a button

..and easy to keep in touch

We can help you take your accounting practice marketing to the next level. We'll get you set up with an email marketing solution for sending professional newsletters to your clients. And simple integration with Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Pinterest makes it easy for the modern practice to connect with clients via social media.

Connect your clients with the tools you use and recommend

With Rocketspark it's extremely easy to create links and buttons so
your clients can easily connect with great online tools such as Xero and a range of other great add-ons.