New feature for accountants and bookkeepers — the Xero Stack

We’ve used Xero’s accounting software for some time in our business and it’s really easy to use but sometimes it’s useful to get a little extra help. Xero have created a lot of training content to help you get started with using their software.

Many accountants and bookkeepers recognise the value of providing this training content on their own website so that clients are drawn back to the firm’s website for help. By providing the training content on your own website you can be seen as the Xero expert that helps your clients. Also, by leading clients back to your website, you have the opportunity to communicate with them about other services you provide.

As a Xero add-on for ecommerce we’ve attended many events with Xero such as Xerocon, Accountex and Xero Roadshows to introduce our service to accountants and bookkeepers and how it can help their clients. A nice side benefit of attending these events is that we realised how well suited Rocketspark is for accountant and bookkeeper websites and we now have a large number of these number wizards using Rocketspark for their own website.

Xero Training content on your Rocketspark Website

To make our website builder even better for accountants and bookkeepers, in partnership with Xero, we’ve created a Xero Stack of training content. With just a few clicks you can add the Xero Stack to your Rocketspark website and you’ll always have the latest Xero training videos and information for your clients on how to use Xero.

A key challenge if you create your own content is that the training content changes and you may be too busy to keep your content up to date. With your Xero Stack, as Xero release new training content to us, your Xero Stack will be automatically up to date on your website.

First feedback of the Xero Stack

Jayne Smith of That’s Ideal had a sneak preview when her site featured in our user guide video and Jayne gave us some great feedback:

We are now ‘live’ with the Xero Training Stack. I just love it, thank you! I had recently considered doing some of my own videos but having seen what Xero has produced, why would I waste my time and money.

Currently the training content is for Xero users in the UK.

Check out the video and user guide to learn more