How to switch from being a print only graphic designer to also selling websites? - Part 2

How to switch from being a print only graphic designer to also selling websites?

Part 2 - How to start building websites for your graphic design clients?

After reading Part 1 of our How to switch from being a print only graphic designer to also selling websites blog, you are at the point where you are probably saying “I know I need to build websites for my clients but I don’t know where to start!”. Here are a few ideas of things to consider and ways that you could dip your toe into adding websites as an offering for your clients.

Get Training

There are a lot of free ways to get some really great training on web design and how to add web design services to your offerings. Here at Rocketspark, we have free online classes about a wide range of topics from How to design an effective website to Basic search engine optimisation to advanced e-commerce.

It is so easy now to get great training and hands on support from people anywhere in the world so make sure you tap into that network and utilise these people.

Rebuild your own website

The easiest way to try out a code-free website builder system and get comfortable using it is to build yourself a new website. At Rocketspark, we offer our design partners a 50% discount on their own website subscription. Also, when you do go out to clients about designing their websites, you can show them your website as an example of what is possible.

At Rocketspark we have years of web design experience so we are more than happy to review your first site or two and provide feedback if you would like. Also, we have a partner support channel for getting in touch and give priority support to all our partners. We love to help partners succeed!

Try things out with a few trusted clients.

The best way to learn is just to get in and try! One way to do this is to offer a website at a reduced price to a trusted client who isn’t on a hard deadline and who is happy to work with you to get what they are wanting. This way you can make “mistakes”, try things and learn how things work in the web game without the pressure of a new client who you haven’t worked with much before. One thing to be careful about in all web projects is over promising on features so be sure to take a great brief before any web project and make sure everything the client is wanting is able to be done on whatever system you are choosing to use.

Offer websites to existing clients

Once you’ve built a few websites, you can then look to expand to other clients and one of the best ways to do this is to go out to your client base telling them about your new service. You’ll be surprised by the number of existing clients who will be needing a new website or wanting you, their graphic designer, to build them a new website. Also, we find that entrepreneurial people, like your clients, are often starting up new businesses and are regularly needing new websites set up for their next venture.

Ask new potential clients when you meet with them

When you are meeting with new clients, be sure to ask them about their website and when they last updated it. It can be surprising to see how out of date a client’s website design, technology and content is.

By asking them and bringing their attention to their website, you’ll find a lot of them have been meaning to get around to updating their site or are looking at getting a redesign.

At Rocketspark we love working with our Graphic Design partners to grow their business and offerings, help them learn about web design and give them a tool that allows them to start designing websites for clients.

We'd love you to find out more information about the Rocketspark Partner Programme & Rocketspark Design Studio here.